We serve You

Palapeli.com is specialized in serving you, who wants funny and personalized photograph products. You can design puzzles, refrigerator magnets, calendars etc. We also help companies, organizations and wholesalers in designs and ideas at a reasonable price. We serve you quickly.

We manufacture our products in Finland and serve our customers all over Europe. Our company has manufactured current products since 2003 and we have developed our operations efficiently. The strategy of our firm is to serve customers in small and medium sized delivery quantities, quickly and affordably.

We do our marketing on the Internet and at exhibitions. The Internet is an everyday place for interacting with our customers.

Our personnel consist of professionals, whose main priority is a satisfied customer. We have access to modern machines and programs that help us to reach this goal.

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Paahtimonkuja 3
67100 Kokkola
Suomi, Finland

+358 500 566 900