We manufacture products for many uses.

Individual customers are our largest customer group. We have made tens of thousands of puzzles and magnets.

Last spring our customers gave us a grade of 9 out of 10.

We also deliver products as wholesale lots as business gifts and fund raisers. Our fund raiser customers include elementary, upper-secondary, and high schools, sports teams, hobby groups, organizations and museums. They sell our picture products to their supporters.

We also manufacture products as subcontractors to several well known wholesale and retail shops. Perhaps you have found our products in seasonal and gift shops.

Here are some of the products we manufacture.


A puzzle box wrapped in plastic is firm and showy.

The customer’s model.

Sepe rescue helicopter.

Ikaalinen Spa

Many museums have ordered puzzles on works of art.

The mascot of the Kemi Snow Castle.

Refrigerator magnets

A magnet is a good message board.

A magnet is not thrown away so its influence remains for a long time.