Our products are good for fundraising. It is a great new idea, our picture products are durable and they are easy to transport and store. The profit for the fund raiser is also very good.

Select a picture and add text or a logo for the puzzle or magnet and tell us how many you want. The delivery is quick, and you can start earning cash in a week.

For example many school classes have sold puzzles of their own school or local sites with great success. They have bought 100 puzzles at a 60% discount and then added 10 Euros of their own profit. In this way they have got 1000 Euros together for profit.

The wholesale price is the same for all customers and the price is based on quantity.

Sales batch of 20 units of the same picture -20%
Sales batch of 50 units of the same picture -40%
Sales batches of over 100 units of the same picture -50%

Refrigerator magnets 57 x 82mm
Sales batch 100 units, price 1.50 Euros / each
Sales batch 500 units, price 1.20 Euros / each

All prices include VAT of 23%

Samples of fund raiser products


Vattukylä School

Kataja Old School

Horkka School

Oulainen Church

Huhtijärvi School

Korpela School

The Old Church of Petäjävesi

Refrigerator magnets:

Make an interesting magnet series of your own town for a fund raiser. Your imagination is the limit. The Haapavesi High School students earn funds with a picture series.